About TKS

Founded in 2006, The Karma Society began as an international travel and lifestyle members club with a mission to bring like-minded people together for inspiration, connection, and adventure.

The Karma Society Masquerade Ball
The Karma Society Masquerade Ball

TKS members hail from all over the world and share an affinity for traveling, experiencing new cultures, meeting interesting people, and indulging in nomadic lifestyles.

Based out of San Francisco, TKS sponsored exclusive events in locations like Cabo, Ibiza, and other beautiful spots worldwide. The original TKS motto—Meet, Travel, Live.— reflects the mindset of social travelers who live to explore new destinations while making lifelong friends.

Years later, we introduced TheKarmaSociety.com, an online magazine celebrating today’s decentralized lifestyle. At TKS, you’ll find a carefully crafted selection of destinations based on our experiences as world travelers. We help guide your discovery of glamourous international cities, exotic beaches and lush private islands—everything you need to complete your bucket list.

We also deliver trending lifestyle stories spanning art, luxury brands, blockchain news, food, and events. With KarmaWallet, we provide knowledge and research that enables you to make intelligent and informed financial choices.

Through our online and offline platforms, we hope to inspire others to live a life of purpose—connected with the world around them while pursuing their passions.

TheKarmaSociety.com is a professional and independent online publication. Our content and editing processes are not influenced by our advertisers or partners. Our goal is to present unbiased, credible information on all topics. We strive to maintain objectivity and neutrality when conducting our evaluations. On occasion, our articles have affiliate links that include a commission paid by online merchants and sellers when readers click over to their websites from ours.