Flyfish Club—The First NFT Restaurant in NYC

This cutting-edge NFT concept is set to revolutionize the dining experience when it opens in NYC.

Gary Vaynerchuk Flyfish Club

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If there were any doubts about how fast-moving crypto and NFTs are changing everything around us, this latest announcement should put them to rest.

Flyfish Club won’t be some virtual restaurant serving blockchain-based food in the metaverse—at least not yet. It’s a bonafide upscale restaurant with an actual brick-and-mortar location in a future New York City spot.

Flyfish Club—the world’s first NFT restaurant—is the brainchild of Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of the advertising company, VaynerX, and founder of VCR Group, the hospitality company behind the exclusive dining club.

Along with Vaynerchuk’s entrepreneurial success, the VCR Group is headed by some of the industry’s top minds in the hospitality industry. Founding partners David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon own and operate some of the most iconic establishments and bring years of experience to Flyfish Club. It’s no wonder why they helped bring yet another revolutionary new concept to life.

According to Flyfish Club’s website, “The space will be both intimate and airy, with high ceilings, special views, and curated moments all throughout.” The plans reveal that the 10,000 sq ft space will feature an upscale 150-seat seafood restaurant, a cocktail lounge, and an omakase room.

If you are unfamiliar with NFTs (non-fungible tokens) they are digital assets stored on the blockchain that represent proof of ownership to “non-fungible” (unique) physical assets like music, property, art—and even memberships.

While members-only dining isn’t exactly a new concept, VCR Group is setting its sights on a far grander vision, where Flyfish Club membership is granted by purchasing an NFT with cryptocurrency.

The private dining club offers two tiers of NFT ownership —the Flyfish (FF) and the Flyfish Omakase (FFO). For 2.5 Ethereum (about $5119.58 at this writing), the entry-level Flyfish (FF) NFT will get you access to the club’s physical and virtual events, the main dining room, and the cocktail lounge.

For 4.25 Ethereum (approximately $9215.24 at the current exchange rate), you can get the Flyfish Omakase (FFO) top-tier membership, which includes all of the first tier plus entrance benefits of the omakase room, a 14-seat private section of the club.

The Omakase membership features a curated menu prepared by a master sushi chef who uses fresh fish from Japan that is flown in daily.

Exclusivity is the name of the game for members at Flyfish Club, as there is only a tad over 3000 membership slots available. However—due to the transferrable nature of NFTs—members can sell, trade, or lease their tokens to others on NFT secondary markets, like

Flyfish Club will open in 2023 in an undisclosed “iconic, New York City location.” For more information about the restaurant and its NFTs, visit their website.


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